My Nagging Cough

July 10th, 2008 by juicyfruit

I’ve had this nagging cough for nearly 2 weeks now.  I gave my doctor a visit last week and he prescribed me cough syrup.  The one that makes you drowsy because it has codeine.  Strong stuff.  I’ve been light headed and sluggish since.  I took it for 5 days and have not gotten any better.  So I saw a different doctor.  He said I had an infection in my chest and prescribed the “Z-pack”.  It’s a 5-day antibiotic regimen.  I take 2 pills the first day and one pill a day thereafter.   I took my second day’s supply yesterday and am feeling a little better.

But still coughing quite a bit.  Still blowing my nose every hour.  And still washing my hands every 30 minutes.  Oh, and still going to work.

Also, I’ve been running a slight fever.  Perhaps that is why I have been feeling so gross.  Ugh.  I just want to sleep….

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